What is it like to be in a coma? Patients that recovered explain…

Many of you may have wondered, what is it like to be in a coma? Read on this article to know how it was like for patient in a coma after surgery.

what is it like to be in a coma

Many of you may have wondered, what is it like to be in a coma? Is it scary? Or boring? Maybe it’s like a never-ending dream. A patient in coma after surgery might have a different experience from a patient in coma because of stroke. Well, patients that have suffered comas and recovered revealed to us what it’s like. Read on this article to know how it was like for patient in coma after surgery

Patients that have recovered from comas share varying experiences. The most common one is that it’s like a normal night sleep, with the individual that suffered a coma going to sleep, having dreams, and waking up. However, instead of feeling well-rested after the coma, they feel tired.

Other patients stated that they had dreams of their family and loved ones during the course of the coma. Others say that they felt like it had passed as if they had just blinked. However, there are some patients that suffered from comas that were much more terrifying.

A few patients said that they felt like they were floating in nothingness. Nothing was there, except for an endless void. Even fewer patients stated that they were aware of their surroundings for the entirety of the coma, some of these comas lasting for years. They could hear what was going on in the outside world, but they were unable to move. Similar to sleep paralysis, except lacking the hallucinations.

On very rare occasions, there have been reports of the patient going into a coma for a short time, but in their mind, it felt like years had passed. They would experience very lucid dreams and would live out lives in their own heads. They would form friendships, relationships, get married and have children. They would be happy with their lives in their own heads, living with their fictional family and spending time with their fictional friends for what to them felt like years.

what is it like to be in a comaThen, they would start to realize small things. At first, they wouldn’t pay any attention to it, but then they would focus on that thing for a while, trying to figure out what was wrong with it. Then, after some time of examining it, they would realize that it wasn’t real. That nothing that had been happening was real. And then, they’d come out of their coma, only to see that the past couple years of their lives had been a lie.

Most of the time, these people will fall into a deep depression and question their sanity, sometimes seeing glimpses of their fictional loved ones out of the corner of their eyes. They’re cursed to live for the rest of their lives knowing that the happiness they felt while in that coma and all the people they met and loved never existed.

So, what is it like to be in a coma? It varies from person to person. Most people experience it as a nights rest, or like they had simply blinked and it was gone. But sometimes, comas can be utterly terrifying.

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