What are the causes of tooth loss?

There are many causes of tooth loss. This article is meant to focus on how tooth loss is caused, and how to prevent it. Dentists at No Gaps Dental in Parramatta shared some information.

causes of tooth loss

There are many causes of tooth loss. This article is meant to focus on how tooth loss is caused, and how to prevent it. Dentists in Campbelltown, NSW at Avaialble Dental Care clinic shared some information.

What is tooth loss?

Tooth loss is a natural occurrence that would happen in children. At around six or seven years old, the temporary teeth of children would naturally fall off. However, if you are an adult, whose permanent teeth would be falling off, that would no longer be considered normal.

Since adult teeth would be permanent, it can be very alarming for adults to lose teeth. There could be many factors behind tooth loss in adults, and some may be harmless, but then others can be deeper oral issues that would need to be treated by a dentist in Bella Vista, NSW to make sure that the condition does not get worse over time.

Causes of tooth loss

There would be many causes of tooth loss. Here are some examples provided by the PearlDentalCare.com.au website of why people would sometimes lose their teeth.

Gum disease. One of the leading causes of tooth loss would be because of gum disease. This would usually be caused by a person having poor oral hygiene habits. Gum disease is also known as periodontitis, and it is caused by not brushing and flossing well enough or often enough that plaque, tartar, and calculus would develop on teeth. This would cause the tooth to become weak, eventually, if the bad oral habits continue, the person will lose the affected tooth.

Trauma. If there is physical trauma to the tooth, there would be an increased risk of the tooth falling off. If a person would be into extreme sports or would get into an accident, there is a chance that the tooth would become dislodged due to the trauma of the hit.

Cavities and tooth decayIf teeth would have cavities or be infected with tooth decay, they would be a very high risk of tooth loss for these teeth. Dentists can be able to fix cracks in broken teeth with fillings and other dental procedures, but then if a cavity or tooth decay would remain untreated, it could affect the surrounding teeth as well.

Pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant, she would have weaker teeth and would be more prone to tooth loss.

Prevention methods

causes of tooth loss

Tooth loss may not always be prevented, but then people who practice good oral health habits would always be at less risk of tooth loss than people who don’t take care of their teeth.

Good oral habits are key in the maintenance of a healthy mouth. Brushing and flossing, never missing a dental appointment, wearing a sports mouthguard when doing extreme sports, refraining from smoking and asking your dentist about medicines that might affect teeth would all be ways to prevent tooth loss. The causes of tooth loss would be different in each scenario, but if you work hard to make sure all your teeth would be healthy, the risk of experiencing tooth loss would be reduced drastically. Visit the https://www.stleonardsdental.com.au/ website for more dental care guides.

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