What Do You Need A Heart Monitor Patch For? Answers Are Here!

A heart monitor patch is one of the technological advances that help monitor heartbeats at home. In effect, cardiac monitoring can happen at home for a day, weeks, or months, depending on the physician’s requirement. Patients can observe whether they have irregular heart rhythms.

do a heart monitoring using technological advances

A heart monitor patch is one of the technological advances that help monitor heartbeats at home. In effect, cardiac monitoring can happen at home for a day, weeks, or months, depending on the physician’s requirement. Patients can observe whether they have irregular heart rhythms. In this case, they would be able to determine as well if they need medical attention.


Heart monitoring

Through modernization and technology, heart monitoring is possible even if the patient is at home. With these devices, the doctor can still get information about the patient’s heart condition.a female doctor checking the heart beat of her cute little patient

Aside from that, they would be able to record the patient’s irregular heart rhythms continuously. Heartbeat irregularities do not happen frequently. Aside from that, some cases don’t even show symptoms. For this reason, cardiac monitoring at home will be beneficial.

Heart concerns may include unexplained fainting, stroke, atrial fibrillation, or palpitations. In this case, heart monitoring is essential to identify the disorder and determine which treatment doctors should apply.

Several heart monitoring systems are available. Each type varies according to the length of time the patient can use them. Additionally, each type differs on how much information it can capture for a patient’s heart condition.


Sample heart monitoring devices

Below are the most common heart monitoring systems that patients can use based on their needs. Please see below how each of them differs individually.

    1. Holter monitor: This device is a kind of portable electrocardiogram (ECG). It usually works within 24 hours up to 72 hours of being away from the doctor. A Holter monitor uses electrodes and a recording device to capture the patient’s heart rhythms. Additionally, it can help detect whether you have regular or irregular heart rhythms based on normal routinary activities.
    2. Cardiac event recorder: This device allows you to keep track of your electrocardiogram. It can capture whether your heart beats fast or slow, you feel dizzy, or you feel like you will faint anytime. Aside from that, it also helps determine how your body reacts to medicine intakes. This device is battery-powered and portable.
    3. Mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT): It is a small portable device that can monitor a patient’s cardiac activity. In actuality, it is the most advanced type of heart monitoring system. It has the features of contacting your physician if the device detects irregular heart rhythms. This device continuously sends patient’s cardiac information wirelessly across the mobile network.
    4. Insertable cardiac monitor (ICM): These are devices wherein doctors will implant them beneath the skin in the patient’s upper chest. Furthermore, it can even stay there for about three or more years.

The choice of device to monitor your heartbeats depends on your doctor’s initial diagnosis. Aside from that, they will consider the initial signs you are showing to determine which device is the most appropriate for you.


Using a heart monitor patch

A heart monitor patch can help save a life. Since heart conditions do not show symptoms in some cases, it would be best to monitor heart rhythms through a heart monitor patch closely. In most cases, you might not even feel that you are using any of these devices due to their small sizes.

Moving forward, here are the reasons why you should monitor your heart rate using heart monitoring devices.

  1. These tiny devices are easy to put on. Aside from that, you might even forget you had it on you.
  2. Another benefit is that you are continuously monitoring your heart condition without being in the hospital.
  3. Furthermore, these devices are less invasive.
  4. These devices also offer quicker retrieval of data and less complicated.
  5. With easy data transfer, your physician can also provide an immediate response if you need medical attention based on the results.
  6. While using these devices, you can also jot down the activities you do and how your heart reacts to them.
  7. For the most part, you can recognize early warning signs, which will prevent you from experiencing cardiac arrests.

Technology has changed how we identify, treat, or recover from a health condition. Through its continuous innovation, we have already come this far in providing medical assistance to patients. Technology has significantly reduced the patients’ burdens when it comes to receiving health care services.


Keeping a healthy heart

Aside from monitoring your heart rate, it would be best to keep it healthy in the first place. Moreover, you have to do actions to lower your risk of developing heart disease. Here are a few tips that you can consider to make that happen.a man using heart monitor patch

  1. The heart is a muscle as well, so you need to strengthen it too. For this reason, you have to perform exercises that can make your heart stronger.
  2. Additionally, you have to eat foods that are good for your heart. Foods, such as salmon, are rich in healthy fats that benefit the heart’s health. But then again, remember not to overeat at once. It can lead to heart failure.
  3. On the other hand, eating chocolate is also good for the heart. However, it would be best to consume chocolates in moderation.
  4. It would also be better to maintain the correct weight for your body build.
  5. Stop smoking and quit it permanently. It might take time, but your health will significantly benefit from it.
  6. Lastly, learn to manage your stress. Stress is one of the factors that can cause high blood pressure and faster heartbeats.

Heart rate monitoring can help you maintain a healthy heart condition. Generally speaking, you always have to keep your heart happy. Happiness is a choice.

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