Dental Care Plan For Stroke

care plan for stroke

Stroke is a serious medical emergency where oxygenated blood going to the brain cells is completely cut off making this brain cells to start dying. With this some of the normal functioning of the body is hindered. When one experiences this illness he or she should be completely wary when it comes to taking care of his or her teeth or going for a dental care. Good thing the website knows how to aid dental patients with conditions such as this. It’s very important to maintain a good oral health to avoid stroke related dental issues.

Common symptoms related to dental issues after a stroke include;

•Pain while chewing food.
Poor functioning of the tongue as it tends to push food being chewed to the cheeks.
•Teeth bleeding during brushing and dental carries.

The dental care plan for stroke patients should include the following;

  • Morning appointments should be a major consideration, they should be short, precise and with minimal issues that may cause stress. This is so because the environmental temperatures are normal and good for them.
  • The dentist in Coorparoo, QLD at Complete Dental is obliged to stand in front of the patient in order to have a clear face to face communication for easy monitoring and progress check.
  • The dentist can try not to wear a face mask because this may scare the patient and put him or her on another stroke risk. care plan for stroke
  • Stroke patients should be accompanied by a guardian when going to the Amity Dental Centre dentist in Albany, WA, the guardian should also be in charge of the patient’s daily teeth brushing activities and providing help whenever needed.
  • Soft toothbrushes should be used by these patients because they provide little or no strain to the gum and teeth when brushing teeth.
  • Dentists should ensure that patients open their mouth slowly without any strain, during dental surgeries dentist should be gentle in operating the patient with advice from a neurologist constantly asking the patient short question that require a yes or no answer.
  • Drugs prescribed to these patients for their dental problems should be free from any danger and not collide with drugs meant to manage their stroke.

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