Chest x-ray cost for stroke

chest x-ray cost

A stroke is a medical emergency that should be dealt with immediately and at all costs. Basically, a stroke is caused by a blocked artery or the leaking of a blood vessel in the brain. During the treatment of a stroke, there are three places that are primarily focused on, that is the head, the heart, and the chest. Specifically, the chest is targeted so as to help determine any other underlying conditions apart from the obvious that might have contributed to the stroke. It is for this reason that it becomes necessary for patients to know the chest x-rays cost for stroke so as to facilitate better treatment.

The cost of a chest X-ray for the treatment of stroke

The cost of a chest X-ray will depend on whether the patient has insurance cover or not. For patients with insurance cover, the cost is relatively low ranging from $10 to $50 depending on the insurance plan. For patients without insurance cover, the cost ranges from $200 to $400 with the average cost being $370. It is however, important to know the overall cost will depend on the medical provider and the number of views taken.

Other factors that may affect the cost of the X-ray chest x-ray cost

It’s a requirement that medical clinics put other factors into consideration when determining the cost of their medical services. These factors are income and the patient’s ability to pay cash.

Hospitals are required to offer sliding discounts basing on income and the patients’ ability to pay cash. For instance, families with a gross annual income of less than 125,000 dollars, are allowed a 40% discount while a 30% discount is offered to patients who pay cash.

Generally, the chest x-ray cost for stroke will differ depending on the patient. For patients with insurance cover, much of the cost is shouldered by their insurance cover. On the other hand, patients without insurance cover will have to meet the cost by themselves. Of course, other factors such as the medical provider, the patients’ affordability and annual income will also influence the cost, though at a relatively small percentage.

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